Music rooms and Summer curricula

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Music rooms and Summer curricula

  Our students have the opportunity to  choose  different option  in ther music lessons:  chorus, guitar, piano and percusion.  To do so we have two different specific rooms and specialits teacher to achieve student goals.


Summer Camps

Arenas Sur International School offer quality summer courses,  which combine learning and exposure to the English language along with an attractive program of activities and sports. It`s a great opportunity to enjoy  summer in a  fun and active way in a  modern and functional Center in a privileged position located in Maspalomas ( South Gran Canaria)

Our summar camps in July offer an extensive menu of programs and activities. We don't know the meaning of the word boring! The camp activities are weakly programed. Feel free to ask for a any of them and reserve at Summer Camp Offer


  • Playing music
  • Alumnos jugando con la percusión en el aula de música