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About us

 More than 30 years of history and academic development, Arenas Sur International School has attained a reputation as one of the leading private organizations in providing high standard education in the region . Over the years, more than 50.000 students have been taught at Arenas Schools.

 One of the reasons for choosing this school is its strong emphasis on bilingual education, with a focus on the teaching of other languages as well, providing its students with the opportunity to enhance their linguistic skills and abilities to their full potential. We have been authorized as Word Schools (IB.org), share high academic standards and a drive to provide a broad and balanced education.

The school at, San Agustín, Gran Canaria, have actually its own administration and provides tuition to children aged 1 to 18, with English and german being taught from the very first stage.

The school site, with nearly 29.000 m2,comprises:

  • 24 classrooms and study areas (all equipped with wifi)
  • Its kitchen and 2 dining halls (one for the Early Years and the other for Primary up to IB)
  • A heated swimming pool
  • 2 Laboratories
  • 3T rooms

  • 2 Libraries ( Early Years and Secondary ) 
  • A Theatre
  • A Conferences Hall
  • Gardening areas
  • Music and Arts halls
  • Gym and sports covered area with optimal facilities for the practice of Football Hall, Basket and mini basketball, volleyball and others.
  • 2 padel courts
  • A large outdoor multi purpose playground

  • A standard size grass 8-a-side football pitch

  • New!   Aula Enlace .  Not spanish students special lessons 
  • Aula Mac.
  • APPLE Llighthouse




  We hope that we may be able to welcome your child     

  to this community - so that we can continue to share in that excitement of learning, and play an active role in

 shaping their futures,

  that of CANARIAS and of this world.


The school is located in San Agustín, with easy access to the motorway.Google Maps shows the location map of the school.

Use the arrow keys to scroll and the + / - signs to zoom in or out. See the green arrow for the school´s precise location.




To develop emotional, physical an social  well-being    

To develop   

 ethical education 

To work  towards 

Academic Excellence


To offer new services to the  community 


 To  increaase 

 the efficiency and satisfaction among all members of the organisation

 International School


To  construct  

the society of our futur. 








To ensure 

the all around develpopment of each person an sustainability of the organisation