Educación Primaria

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Educación Primaria

Elementary School Levels helps guiding the students through their first steps in laguages, mathematics, science, geography, history and writing. To help the kids in this process there are digital Boards, iPad and a special student Wi-fi connection.

We are Lighthouse School and integrate emotional and creativity develop.

These are the subjects:

Science, Mathematics, Reading and special reading comprenhension support, Language, Listening and Speaking, Spanish, Writing, Social Studies, Music student can chose between different options (piano, guitar,and flaute/xylophone skills) Chorus Group, Mandarin, Arts (special workshop) I.C.T. (Sphero program : robots programatin) and P.E.

We offer free extra curricula activities  after school, such as karate, chess, sports ( MultiSport with handball, football, basket.), arts, gardening.... And other as Theatre ( 20€/moth), swiming (50€/month) two days weekly, all with profetional teachers.

Art Education

During the year pupils works on perspective in art by placing large objects in the foreground followed by adding smaller ones in the background. They do Colouring, cutting, gluing and chatting away in English.

In other/upper grades they start working on a number of artistic styles and concepts such as pointillism, where individual points of colour together create an impressive effect. Next they use of analogous colors to create depth and volume, and showing how different color palettes create different moods and feelings


Our students shows their capabilities and skills at several presentations. Many new  projects can be developed/deployed with them.


Mandarin Chinese as the language of the future. This subject is taught by native teachers, who not only  communicate with their language, but transmit in Englihs their culture, traditions....  YCT exams can be taken by studets acording to their goals.  

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