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COLEGIO ARENAS SUR - INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL was founded by Alberto and Carmen Ojeda ( first founders´siblings of Colegio Arenas) in LPGC and support for Colegios Arenas, a private independent educational organization which runs educational schools In the Canary Islands.

Colegios Arenas Sur  is a private independent educational organization which founded more than 25 years ago it has attained a reputation as one of the leading private organizations providing high standard education in the region. One of the reasons is the school's strong emphasis in bilingual education, enabling its students to develop and enhance their skills and capabilities in both working languages: Spanish and English. We also teach german and chinese.  The school provides tuition to children aged 2 to 18 ( including Career Dregee) , with English being taught from the very first stage.

IB World School

High-performing students

Researchs indicates that Diploma Programme (DP) graduates complete college faster than their peers, feel more prepared for college-level coursework involving research, and are better able to cope with demanding workloads and time-management challenges.

Secondary and Baccalaureate (ESO y BACH)

Arenas Sur Schools is proud to achieve the full potential of students through a balanced methodology focused on their diversity and specific needs of the theory of multiple intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner: verbal–linguistic, logical–mathematical, bodily–kinesthetic, visual–spatial, musical–rhythmic, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic.

We have succeded into the University Tests with an average of 8,6.


Our school offers special diploma to certificate skills knowledge:

  • Microsoft Testing Center
  • Universidad de Cambridge
  • Goethe ( Deutsch)
  • YCT ( Chinese)
  • DELE ( Spanish)
  • Arenas fpCampus. Esta división, enfocada a una acreditación profesional altamente práctica y demandada se da de forma presencial en las instalaciones de San Agustín.

Arenas Sur Quality Commitment

Our school has decided to follow a common path towards excellence, sustained on a commitment to quality and educational excellence. A clear sign of this important decision has been to set up a modern quality assurance system following the ISO standards that has been certified by AENOR, the leading quality certification agency in Spain.